cameron macfarlane software developer

I'm a developer focused on development and deployment of scalable web applications. Recently my focus has been test driven development, and incorporating SOLID programming principles to work towards code that is legible and extensible.

My services include scalable web applications development, scalable server architecture on AWS (Amazon Web Services), object oriented PHP, Laravel MVC framework, vue.js, and single page apps. When I'm not writing code or spinning up servers I might be: woodworking, backpacking, taking photos, playing guitar, or cooking.


Personal Projects

Budgeting and Personal Finance Web Application

Open Source

Click below to see how I'm integrating common features into various Laravel web applications.


Linux and Servers

Armed with a knowledge and understanding of multiple Linux distributions I am comfortable setting up servers from scratch. I also have plenty of experience acquiring and installing SSL certificates as well as optimizing servers for performance and security. I have worked to mitigate DOS and DDOS attacks as well.

AWS - Scalable Server Architecture

When setting up a site to face thousands or millions of users multiple servers are used to split the work load using what is known as a load balanced environment. By utilizing a load balanced environment on the AWS platform a site can be served over a global network of scalable cloud servers.

Laravel and PHP 7.2

I primarily stick with Laravel for my backend framework. Laravel is a leading PHP framework designed to make developing large web applications quick, and secure.

Past Projects


Do you have a project you are interested in getting developed? Let's talk.