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Hi! I’m Cameron Macfarlane. I’m a full stack web developer. I create data schemas for MySQL, build out back-ends in PHP and front-ends in JavaScript and CSS, and roll it all out on a web server. 

I have a formal education in accounting, which has given me a passion for creating systems integrations for businesses. I’ve worked on projects from Learning Management Systems, to E-Commerce, and custom business tools. I have a passion for exploring, and continue to learn new things everyday (hopefully things that can be used on future projects).

Off the computer, I am a father, woodworker, photographer, and a musician. I appreciate and enjoy artistic and creative expression in pretty much any medium.  I recently had my first child and am learning to navigate fatherhood, one diaper at a time.  During the warmer months, I enjoy backpacking and camping trips to lakes and rivers. While I often spend entire days on the computer, I believe it is important to stay active and healthy for both work and life.

Personal Projects

Budgeting and Personal Finance Web Application

Open Source

Click below to see how I'm integrating common features into various Laravel web applications.


Linux and Servers

Armed with a knowledge and understanding of multiple Linux distributions I am comfortable setting up servers from scratch. I also have plenty of experience acquiring and installing SSL certificates as well as optimizing servers for performance and security. I have worked to mitigate DOS and DDOS attacks as well.

AWS - Scalable Server Architecture

When setting up a site to face thousands or millions of users multiple servers are used to split the work load using what is known as a load balanced environment. By utilizing a load balanced environment on the AWS platform a site can be served over a global network of scalable cloud servers.

Laravel and PHP 7.2

I primarily stick with Laravel for my backend framework. Laravel is a leading PHP framework designed to make developing large web applications quick, and secure.

Past Projects


Do you have a project you are interested in getting developed? Let's talk.